Why Don’t Racing Pigeons Race in the Winter?

highflyersPigeon racing

photo of winter trees with no leaves

Winter is a pretty boring time for racing pigeons. Once the leaves fall off the trees, racing season is officially over and we keep our racers inside until spring.

Why do we do this?

It’s a matter of safety.

As the weather grows colder, our migratory birds leave the area. When this happens, there is less food for local hawks, eagles, and falcons, which makes racing pigeons a prime target. Without leaves on the trees, there are fewer places for a racing pigeon to hide if it’s being pursued by a predator.

So, what DO racing pigeons do all winter while they’re ‘cooped’ up? Mine like to EAT. They also like to chase each other around the loft for exercise. And every now and then, I’ll catch them gazing out the window, probably dreaming of the racing season to come.