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Since High Flyers author Erika Liodice and her racing pigeons aren’t able to travel right now to visit with students, they’re taking their fun, educational programs online. To support educators and students during the COVID-19 crisis, Erika is offering FREE virtual author visits for elementary schools, home school groups, libraries, and youth organizations. There are FOUR fun-filled program topics to choose from.

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During this half-hour program, High Flyers author Erika Liodice will introduce children to the 200-year-old sport of pigeon racing. They’ll learn why racing pigeons are amazing athletes, how the sport works, its history, and more. Includes live Q&A. Learn more »

During this half-hour program, High Flyers author Erika Liodice will give children a behind-the-scenes look at how to write a book. They’ll learn how to turn an idea into a story, explore the writing process, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how an author and illustrator work together to bring a book to life. Includes live Q & A. Learn more »

During this half-hour program, children will learn about the five stages of the racing pigeon’s lifecycle, learn how pigeons parent their young, and watch a racing pigeon grow from a hatchling to a race-ready adult. Includes live Q & A. Learn more »

During this half-hour program, High Flyers author Erika Liodice will delight children’s imaginations with fascinating facts about racing pigeons. They’ll discover key characteristics that give these birds the endurance, speed, and intelligence needed to compete in races that can span several hundred miles. Includes live Q & A. Learn more »


“Erika Liodice’s virtual author visit was such a special opportunity. I loved seeing how excited the students were to learn about the amazing information she had to offer. Her presentation was so clear and age appropriate.”

– Mrs. Zazula, 2nd Grade Teacher, Samuel Staples Elementary School (CT)

“My boys (ages 7 and 5) loved Erika’s virtual class learning all about racing pigeons. They had questions and enjoyed watching her answer them in real time. As soon as it was over, they wanted to know when the next one was, so we signed up for more!!!”

– Nikki Gingrich, Allentown, PA

“My 8-year-old son is a big fan of High Flyers. He has read both books and joined last night’s Virtual Author Visit. He loved it! He was engaged for the full 30 minutes and immediately asked if he could sign up for more. He is now looking forward to the next session. Thank you for offering these fun and informative sessions!”

– Tally Boock, Venice, FL

“My 12 and 10 year old really liked the virtual author visit yesterday. They learned a lot about racing pigeons and enjoyed being able to ask Erika questions directly. It was a fun and educational activity they both want to do again!”

– Cathy Fontana, Phoenixville, PA

“High Flyers is a great read for elementary-age children (and the adults who will read along with them). The stories are fun, clever, and engaging and there is a pigeon for every personality! We especially loved Erika’s virtual author visits where we learned the ins and outs of making a book, from writing to getting illustrations. It was so fun to see the nuts and bolts to inspire young writers to follow their creativity. We will definitely be joining more of the author visits-we can’t wait to hear about the lifecycle of a racing pigeon!”

– Allyson Johnson, Annandale, VA

“Highly recommend! My 5-year old daughter just attended a virtual High Flyers class with Erika Liodice and loved it. It was interactive and informative, colorful and fun. My daughter loved the virtual hand-raising and Q&A. We will definitely attend the next one!”

– Jackie Neilson, Delray Beach, FL

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Erika Liodice is the author of High Flyers, an illustrated chapter book series about an unflappable team of racing pigeons and their far-flung adventures (recommended for readers ages 7-10). Erika and her feathered friends are on a mission to save the 200-year-old sport of pigeon racing, which is in danger of dying out. They frequently visit schools, libraries, and youth organizations to help people (re)discover this unforgettable forgotten sport. Check out our event photos and testimonials »