Virtual Author Visit — Thoroughbreds of the Sky: Fast Facts About Racing Pigeons

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Virtual Author Visit for Kids with High Flyers author Erika Liodice

Join High Flyers author Erika Liodice LIVE for a virtual author visit. During this half-hour program, Erika will delight your child’s imagination with fascinating facts about racing pigeons. She’ll cover FUN topics like:

– What makes racing pigeons amazing athletes
– How to train a racing pigeon
– The best (and worst) times for racing
… and more!

Includes live Q&A.

After the program ends, all participants will have the opportunity to create and name their own racing pigeon, join a virtual race team, and compete in an online race to win a trophy.

» This program is intended for children ages 5-10.

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About the Author

Erika Liodice, author of the High Flyers chapter book series

Erika Liodice is the author of High Flyers, an illustrated chapter book series about an unflappable team of racing pigeons and their far-flung adventures (recommended for readers ages 7-10). Erika and her feathered friends are on a mission to save the 200-year-old sport of pigeon racing, which is in danger of dying out. They frequently visit schools, libraries, and youth organizations to help people (re)discover this unforgettable forgotten sport. Check out their event photos and testimonials »