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The World of Roey's Paintbox

Today, Cosmo, Zuzu, Stara, and I filmed an episode of The World of Roey’s Paintbox. We got to work with two really smart kids, Tyler and Demilee, and teach them … Read More

Lap Birds

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Lap birds

Who needs a lap dog when you can have lap birds! In this 30-second video, Cosmo and Zuzu hop on Erika’s lap for lunch… For more videos from inside our coop, … Read More

And the Winning Names are…

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Birdie #1 and Birdie #2 finally have real names! Allow me to introduce Cosmo and Zuzu. The winning names were submitted by sisters Jaci Barney (“Cosmo”) and Sharon Onderko (“Azzurra” a.k.a. … Read More

The Book is Finally Here!

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High Flyers Rookie of the Year book arrived

Look what arrived today! As an author, one of the greatest joys is seeing your book in print for the first time. Considering that I’ve been working on this book … Read More

Meet the Birds

highflyersBird News, Book News

My racing pigeons arrive

The big day is finally here. Our racing pigeons have arrived! Getting to this point has been a long journey, one that started in the summer of 2014. Dave and … Read More

What is Pigeon Racing?

highflyersPigeon racing

Pigeon racing release

Pigeon racing is a sport in which specially bred and trained homing pigeons, known as “racing homers,” are released hundreds of miles away from their home loft and then timed … Read More

What are racing pigeons?

highflyersPigeon racing

racing pigeons

Racing pigeons, also known as “racing homers,” might look like the birds you see hanging out at the park or sitting on rooftops, but they’re actually quite different. For starters, … Read More