Introducing Sunny & Dash

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Introducing Sunny and Dash

Thank you to everyone who entered the Name the Hatchlings! Naming Contest. The contest ended last Saturday, and we had more than 50 entries. There were so many creative name ideas I wasn’t sure how to choose. Thankfully, you guys made it really easy. Three people submitted the name Sunny and two people entered the name Dash. (Great minds think alike!) Since these names were so popular, I knew they were the ones. So, I’d like to formally introduce the two newest members of our team, Sunny and Dash.

People often ask me how I tell them apart. Here are a few clues:

  • Sunny has a white spot on her head, like a little patch of sunshine.
  • Dash has darker wings.
  • You can’t tell this from the photograph, but Dash is fast. He literally dashes away every time I try to catch him, so his name is quite fitting.

Congratulations to our naming contest winners: Sandra Arden, Amalia Duncan, and Krisha Patel(who all came up with “Sunny”) and Shay Falk and Virginia DeWalt (who both thought up “Dash”). Signed copies of High Flyers: Rookie of the Year and a surprise gift are headed your way!