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Racing pigeon 3 days old

We got to meet our baby racing pigeons today! That’s right, I said pigeons. Plural. Birdie #2 was born yesterday!

To be honest, I wasn’t prepared for how CUTE they would be. I mean, just look at that FACE and those teeny little wings! I haven’t spent much time around squabs (baby pigeons), so I was intrigued to learn that they have yellow fuzz covering their bodies until their feathers grow in. They’re also WARM. We humans have an average body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, but a racing pigeon’s body temperature is around 107 degrees. In other words, it feels like having a little heater in your hands (as someone who always has cold hands, I thoroughly enjoyed this.)

The birds will continue living with their parents (at my friend Jim’s loft) for the next several weeks while they grow up and learn to fly. Then, they’ll be moving to our house (guess we better start looking for a pigeon coop!)

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P.S. Here’s birdie #2, just one day old. (He’s barely bigger than Jim’s finger!)

Racing pigeon 1 day old

Newborn racing pigeon at 1 day old.