Happy Hatch Day!

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Newly hatched racing pigeon

Cosmo and Zuzu’s baby has arrived! After 18-19 days of incubation, we found this little guy (or gal) waiting in the nest. To recap, here’s what has happened over the … Read More

How to Candle Racing Pigeon Eggs

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How to candle racing pigeon eggs

Cosmo and Zuzu have been taking turns incubating their eggs. But are there baby racing pigeons inside? One way to find out is to use a technique called “candling.” Candling … Read More

Double the Egg-citement!

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Male racing pigeon incubating eggs

Racing pigeons typically lay their eggs in pairs, so after yesterday’s egg-cellent discovery, I knew another one would be along in a day or two. Sure enough, today I discovered … Read More

Protective Papa

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Male racing pigeon incubating eggs.

The newly laid egg has only been here for a day, but Cosmo has already proven himself to be quite the protective papa. Most male racing pigeons sit on the … Read More

Egg-cellent Discovery

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racing pigeon egg

Today, I wandered into my racing pigeon coop only to make an egg-cellent discovery. Zuzu had laid an egg! Since racing pigeons typically lay two eggs at a time, we are … Read More