Lap Birds

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Lap birds

Who needs a lap dog when you can have lap birds! In this 30-second video, Cosmo and Zuzu hop on Erika’s lap for lunch… For more videos from inside our coop, … Read More

Family Food Fight

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Racing Pigeon 16 days old

Today, I’m 16 days old, and guess what I learned how to do? Start a food fight fight! Check it out…

There’s a New Boss in Town

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Racing Pigeon 15 days old

It’s Day 15, and I’m officially mobile. Today, I broke out of my nest and started exploring my coop. My first stop? That long green container where my parents are … Read More


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Racing Pigeon squeaker 14 days old

Do you know why baby racing pigeons are called “squeakers”? Find out in this 30-second video:

I’m 13 Days Old!

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Racing Pigeon 13 days old

Did you know that some people consider 13 to be an unlucky number? It’s true! In fact, there’s even a special name for the fear of the number 13: Triskaidekaphobia. … Read More

I’m 12 Days Old!

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Racing Pigeon 12 days old

Today, I’m 12 days old. My feathers are coming in nicely, and I’m finally able to stand up on my own. It won’t be long before I’m ready to fly!

I Have a Name!

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Racing Pigeon 11 days old

Now that I’m 11 days old, I’m really too old to be called a hatchling. A more accurate term would be squab. But I’d rather you call me by my new … Read More

I’m 10 Days Old!

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Racing Pigeon 10 days old

Goodbye, single digits. Today, I’m 10 days old! My feathers are starting to sprout, and it looks like I might have a white spot on my head, just like my … Read More