All Grown Up

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Racing pigeon 2 at one month old

Due to bad weather, it’s been a couple of weeks since we visited our birds. We had a chance to stop by today and were surprised to find that our … Read More

Growing up fast

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racing pigeon at 11 days old

Look how much our racing pigeons have grown in just one week! Birdie #2 (above) is 10 days old, and Birdie #1 (below) is 11 days days old. They’ve doubled … Read More

First Visit

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Racing pigeon 3 days old

We got to meet our baby racing pigeons today! That’s right, I said pigeons. Plural. Birdie #2 was born yesterday! To be honest, I wasn’t prepared for how CUTE they … Read More

Happy Bird-day

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baby racing pigeon

The big day is finally here…our first baby racing pigeon has hatched! While this little guy (gal?) is barely bigger than the egg he hatched from, pigeons grow really quickly. … Read More

What is Pigeon Racing?

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Pigeon racing release

Pigeon racing is a sport in which specially bred and trained homing pigeons, known as “racing homers,” are released hundreds of miles away from their home loft and then timed … Read More

Meet Jim


Jim Effting, pigeon racer

From time to time, you may hear me refer to my pigeon fancier friend, Jim. He’s been my pigeon racing mentor, helping me learn about the sport, reading my books … Read More

What are racing pigeons?

highflyersPigeon racing

racing pigeons

Racing pigeons, also known as “racing homers,” might look like the birds you see hanging out at the park or sitting on rooftops, but they’re actually quite different. For starters, … Read More


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Rookie of the Year (Book 1) Rocket’s got speed. He’s got talent. He’s even got two blue racing stripes on his wings. But there’s one thing standing between this rookie … Read More