Meet Author Erika Liodice and Her Racing Pigeons

We all have hidden talents. The same is true of racing pigeons. At first glance, racing pigeons might look like ordinary birds, but they possess a special skill that helps them find their way home from far-away places. This homing instinct, combined with their extraordinary ability to fly at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour for several hours without stopping, has earned these incredible athletes the nickname “thoroughbreds of the sky.”

Pigeon racing is a 200-year-old sport in which specially-trained racing pigeons are released from distant locations and then race back to their home lofts. Races can span several hundred miles and are often won or lost by seconds. This fascinating sport originated in Belgium and quickly became an international sensation. Not long ago, many American families spent their free time raising and racing pigeons. But today, with screen time dominating our free time, most people have forgotten about the sport and few kids even know it exists. For the first time in its history, the sport of pigeon racing is in danger of dying out.

Erika Liodice’s interest in the sport inspired her to write the High Flyers children’s book series about an elite team of racing pigeons. During her research, she started a team of her own to learn firsthand about the birds’ care and training. Today, Erika and her feathered friends are on a mission to save the sport and help people rediscover the joy of pigeon racing … and maybe even uncover a few hidden talents of their own.

  With Special Guests Cosmo & Zuzu  

During Erika’s presentation, children will get out of their seats and participate in movement-based activities to learn how birds fly. They’ll also have the opportunity to observe and interact with Erika’s pet racing pigeons, Cosmo and Zuzu, while learning about:

  History of pigeon racing    Homing instinct
   Flight physics    Wild pigeons vs. racing pigeons    Care & training    Famous pigeon fanciers  

Perfect for elementary schools, home school groups, libraries, youth organizations, and clubs.

Erika Liodice Speaker Biography

Erika Liodice is the author of the High Flyers children’s book series for readers ages 7-10. She is a proud member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI), Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), and Toastmasters International. Erika is also the author of Empty Arms: A Novel (Dreamspire Press), a contributor to Author in Progress (Writer’s Digest), and a regular columnist on the popular fiction writing website Writer Unboxed. She has more than a decade of experience speaking to audiences of all ages on a variety of writing, reading, and racing topics.

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