Pigeon racing is a two-hundred-year-old sport starring specially-trained winged athletes (known as racing pigeons) that are released from far-off locations and race back to their home lofts.

Rocket’s got speed. He’s got talent. He’s even got two blue racing stripes on his wings. But there’s one thing standing between this rookie racing pigeon and his dream of scoring a spot on the High Flyers racing team: ground school.
       Determined to fast-track his way onto the team, Rocket crashes a race to prove that he belongs flying at the front of the flock, not sitting in the back of a classroom. But when danger strikes, he makes rookie mistakes that cost him the race and push his dreams even farther from reach. With the help of an unlikely friend, a forgotten legend, and lessons from his long-lost racing champion father, Rocket learns that racing takes more than speed and he discovers what it really means to be a winner.

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Coming November 2018!

It’s Rocket’s first season racing with the High Flyers, and he’s got BIG plans for winning BIG trophies. There’s just one problem: a poacher is on the loose, and he’s birdnapping pigeons. Race teams across Wingfield County are grounded, and everyone is afraid to go outside.
       Determined to save the season, Rocket sets out to prove that the skies are safe. But when he falls for the pigeon poacher’s trap and ends up in the hands of a mad bird scientist who’s obsessed with unlocking the mystery of his homing instinct, Rocket must hatch a plan to escape or he’ll never race again. With the help of a ragtag gang of fancy pigeons, his loyal teammates, and words of wisdom from his long-lost racing champion father, Rocket learns that greatness can’t always be measured by trophies, and he discovers that flying past your fear can win you the biggest prize of all.

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